Below you will find our most frequently asked questions and answers.

Ambassadors Program

1How long does it take to become an ambassador?
The exact amount of time varies based upon availability, however, the average time between first introductory training and first official ambassador shift is about 10 weeks. This includes the wait time for fingerprinting and background checks.
2What is involved in the training?
Ambassador training includes roughly 25 hours of orientation, tours, and on-the-job training. Training times vary as on-the-job training takes place during different shifts throughout the airport. The group introductory training session is held every 2 months.
3Do you require background checks?
Yes, volunteers must complete fingerprint and FBI background checks in order to complete the Airport badging process.
4Is there a minimum commitment?
We ask that all volunteers contribute an average of 10-12 hours a month and commit to at least a year of volunteering.
5When are the shifts?
Volunteers are at the airport 7 days a week, 364 ½ days a year (we close early on the day of our Holiday event.) The shifts start as early as 6am and the last shift finishes at 11pm and each shift is about 4 hours long.
6What are the benefits?
In addition to the satisfaction of helping others and having the opportunity to welcome people to San Diego, Volunteer Airport Ambassadors receive complimentary parking and beverages while on shift, discounts at many airport concessions (when badged,) appreciation events and an annual Holiday event. There are also meetings with opportunity drawings and of course the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests.

Ready,Pet,Go Program

1What certification is required for the Ready, Pet, GO program?
Teams wishing to apply must have experience working as a Therapy Dog team. All volunteers and dogs must be registered with a recognized therapy dog organization. The preferred organizations register, insure, and support members who are involved in volunteer animal-assisted activities
2What kind of training is involved?
Each volunteer will go through a basic informational training which includes how to assist passengers as well as shadowing an active team. They will also complete a walk through with their dog to make sure this is a good fit for both volunteer and dog.
3Do you require background checks?
All handlers must pass a background check and be fingerprinted for an airport badge.
4Is there a minimum time commitment?
Dog teams are expected to volunteer at the airport at least two (2) times a month, and each visit is roughly two (2) hours. We ask that teams plan to be with the airport for at least a year.